Mental Restorations

in helping others, we help ourselves

Our Mission

Our Mission: Community Well Being

Mental Restorations seeks to better the lives and well being of those in our community.  We aim to provide access to mental health services as well other health related resources.  In addition, we also hope to offer opportunities to participate in a variety of activities and skills training.  In doing so, it is our hope to improve the mental outlook and skills of those we serve.  It is our firm belief that a person’s state of mind can be positively changed by active participation in a supportive environment.  In helping others, we help ourselves.

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The Ohana

Veterans and Community Support

Our main focus is community support for veterans, first responders, and their families.  We also want to provide support for local youth, ages 14 to 26, especially those with limited access to resources.  We hope to equip participants with confidence, knowledge and skills, and enable them to be productive members of the community. And we will do this through hands on training and positive interactions with community members.

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The Path

Path To Healing

Everyone’s path is unique. Each participant will have a unique relationship with the community we serve. And so we strive to serve the community with individuals and their needs in mind. If you might benefit from our programs, then whoever you are and whatever your story, we wish to help you take your next steps along the path to healing and toward a more fulfilling life.

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