About Us

Community Mental Health

Mental Restorations is a non-profit organization to promote community mental health. We are dedicated to helping veterans and others find a path to better mental wellness. Our founders and board members are veterans who understand the need for a healthy mental outlook. Many of us share the same struggles.

Our mission is to offer adventures that not only help others on their path to a more positive mental outlook, but also benefit the community. We hope to achieve this through involvement in community activities and by providing access to resources. Activities can include boating, fishing, hiking, sightseeing and more. In addition, we want to establish a working farm community. It is our hope to additionally offer opportunities to learn trades like auto repair, boat maintenance, farming, culinary skills, and more. We hope to send our members into the world as productive and valued members of the community. Feeling valued as a contributing member of a community is an essential component on the path to a more positive mental health mindset. We welcome your service to our community. In helping others, we help ourselves.